Kove® XPD

The Kove® XPD® L3 I/O appliance provides the highest performance InfiniBand and Fibre Channel persistent I/O available, holding world records for bandwidth, latency, and IOPS. Our published latency includes full round-trip from and to application.

The Kove® XPD® L3 uses DRAM to deliver deterministic performance across all I/O patterns, whether reads or writes, small or large blocks, sequential, random, burst or sustained access, one minute or ten year duration, 10% or 100% full, or any combination thereof. Utilization does not degrade XPD® performance and media never wears out.

Memory that scales.
Capacity 64GB — 1.5TB per 1U unit, mesh connectable for larger capacities
Bandwidth 27+ GB/sec (12 µs latency and 100 ns variance), sustained (world record)
IOPS 43+ million (3.0 µs latency and 100 ns variance), sustained (world record)
Response Time <2.5 µs, random, consistent, & sustainable for any time duration (world record)
Instant Copy 6.7 PB/sec (Fibre Channel) - no disruption during operation (world record)
Management Connectivity 10/100/1000 Ethernet twisted pair, 4 ports
Volumes Up to 256
Disk Drives Up to 8 SAS


Fibre Channel:


2,4,8 Gbps


Fibre Channel:

Up to 6 ports

Up to 6 ports
2,4,8 Gbps per port
Memory RAS Features


ECC plus SDDC (standard), rank sparing and RAM mirroring (optional)

Prevent DIMM rank failure from affecting data integrity. Device copies failing rank to spare and then disables failed rank.

Device maintains mirrored copy of memory image. Device fails over to mirrored copy if an uncorrectable error occurs.
Management HTTPS
Command Line via SSH, SNMP, and syslog
Phone home, customer selectable
Data Protection Multiple modes for de-staging data from RAM onto persistent media

Integrated instant copying

Integrated monitoring logic for system health management and UPS
Uninterruptible Power Supply XPD® L3 tightly integrates with standard UPS, bringing unit down gracefully if ever necessary. Integration with centralized UPS infrastructure available in many contexts.
Health Monitoring Device tracks health components for >100 monitorables, and self-heals most problems that can occur.
Hot Swappable Disk drives and power supplies
Power Up to 1100 watts, 2 redundant power supplies. USA UL listed, FCC; Canada CUL listed; Germany TUV Certified; EN 60950/IEC 60950-Compliant; CB Report; CCC Certification.
Warranty World-wide support: on-site next day up to 2-hour same day available with contract.