Kove® XPD

The Kove® XPD® L3 I/O appliance provides the highest performance InfiniBand and Fibre Channel persistent I/O available, holding world records for bandwidth, latency, and IOPS. Our published latency includes full round-trip from and to application.

The Kove® XPD® L3 uses DRAM to deliver deterministic performance across all I/O patterns, whether reads or writes, small or large blocks, sequential, random, burst or sustained access, one minute or ten year duration, 10% or 100% full, or any combination thereof. Utilization does not degrade XPD® performance and media never wears out.

Memory that scales.
  • 1.5 Terabyte Capacity Per 1U

    The Kove® XPD® L3 is the world’s first 1.5 terabyte memory mesh appliance. All capacity is usable, and performance is uniform across I/O patterns.

  • Over 27 GB/sec Bandwidth

    Bandwidth can be maintained continuously and can be sustained across any duration, even years.

  • Over 43 Million IOPS

    Sustained and random, not sequential. These are not burst numbers.

  • 2.5 µs Read and 2.5 µs Write Response Time

    Continuous and sustained. Not subject to periodic performance jitter or “periodicity”.

  • No Periodicity

    Unlike Flash and spinning disk, Kove® DRAM provides consistent, uniform I/O without performance jitter.

  • Determinacy

    Each and every Kove® XPD® L3 performs all I/O identically well — small or large, random or sequential, and read/write/mixed I/O.

  • Linear Scalability

    One XPD® unit provides 1X performance and 10 XPD® units provide 10X, consistently maintaining deterministic latency for any scaling.

  • Instant Copy

    Instant copies are self-contained in the device. They are among the fastest in the world.

  • Performance Unaffected By Occupancy

    Kove® XPD® L3 performance remains steady whether it’s 10% full or 95% full. Performance doesn’t change as the occupancy changes.

  • Performance Unaffected By Reads, Writes, or Mixed Access Patterns

    The Kove® XPD® L3 performs similarly well, whether reading, writing, or doing both. The access pattern never degrades performance meaningfully.

  • Uniform Performance Across Small or Large Blocks

    The Kove® XPD® L3 performs consistently well regardless of block size. Some media “tune” performance for 4K blocks, but then perform badly when using 512 byte blocks, or 1 MB blocks. The XPD® L3 performs uniformly well across all block sizes.

  • Uniform Performance Across Time

    Kove® XPD® L3 performance doesn’t wear down and the media doesn’t wear out. It will run as well out of the box as it will years later. It will not require media swap-outs.

  • System Health

    The Kove® XPD® L3 tracks health components for more than 100 monitorables.

  • Self-Healing

    The Kove® XPD® L3 self-heals for most problems that can occur, eliminating problems before they ever are noticed. Additionally, the XPD® L3 constantly monitors health, and can report status via SSH, SNMP and syslog down to the second.

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

    The Kove® XPD® L3 comes standard with a UPS to protect against downtime. You’ll never be bothered by another utility company power spike. If a power outage does occur, the XPD® L3 will gracefully shut down only if or when necessary to protect the data. When you bring the XPD® L3 back online after an outage, data will be where it should be.