Kove® XPD

The Kove® XPD® L3 I/O appliance provides the highest performance InfiniBand and Fibre Channel persistent I/O available, holding world records for bandwidth, latency, and IOPS. Our published latency includes full round-trip from and to application.

The Kove® XPD® L3 uses DRAM to deliver deterministic performance across all I/O patterns, whether reads or writes, small or large blocks, sequential, random, burst or sustained access, one minute or ten year duration, 10% or 100% full, or any combination thereof. Utilization does not degrade XPD® performance and media never wears out.

Memory that scales.
  • 1.5 Terabyte DRAM Capacity Per 1U

    The Kove® XPD® L3 memory appliance provides up to 1.5 TB of capacity per unit. Using conventional network meshes, Kove® XPD® L3 deployments can scale linearly to achieve any level of performance or capacity.

  • InfiniBand & Fibre Channel

    The Kove® XPD® L3 supports either InfiniBand or Fibre Channel interconnects. All speeds are supported: SDR, DDR, QDR and FDR for InfiniBand, and 2,4,8 gbps for Fibre Channel.

  • Performance

    The Kove® XPD® L3 provides the highest continuous, sustainable performance.

  • Support

    All Kove® products include comprehensive worldwide support ranging from next day to 24x7x365 two hour on-site service.