why choose dram?

The Kove® engineering team regularly evaluates current and emerging solid state media, such as Flash, Phase Change Memory, and Memristors, among many others.

DRAM is the Highest Performance Media

No one debates that DRAM provides the lowest latency, highest performance media. RAID controllers, Ethernet NICs, spinning disk and Flash devices, all use DRAM buffers. Server main memory uses DRAM because it can satisfy the demanding requirements of the CPUs.

Kove® memory meshes use DRAM for uncompromising performance. Application illustrations include large scale in-memory computing, big data analytics, graphs, in-memory databases, stock exchanges, proprietary trading applications, and transaction processing.

Alternative Media

Other technologies optimize for capacity, with resulting performance tradeoffs that make them inapplicable for use as actual computer memory. Consider:

  • Spinning Disk. Achieving the best performance on spinning disk requires “short stroking.” In short stroking, only the outer rim of the platter stores data, in order to ensure the best possible sequential performance. What is lost in capacity is gained in performance. Gaining performance reduces capacity, and gaining capacity reduces performance.

  • Flash. Flash faces similar performance optimization challenges. Moving from 10% occupancy to 94% occupancy can degrade performance by more than 90%. To avoid dramatic performance loss, manufacturers often “over-provision” devices in order to ensure sufficient pre-erase “buffering” for performance. Administrators must closely monitor usage levels, because achieving steady performance levels requires constant-state occupancy. Reaching advertised performance peaks requires limiting use to just a fraction of capacity, thereby reducing ostensible cost efficiencies.

Kove® Memory Mesh Advantages

Kove® memory meshes use DRAM.

Unlike spinning disk and Flash, the Kove® XPD® family will not meaningfully degrade performance, whether at 10% occupancy or at 95% occupancy. Short stroking is not necessary. Unlike local memory, Kove® memory meshes scale to the full 64 bit address space, scaling right across box boundaries whenever necessary, linearly scaling performance and capacity.

Specifically, the Kove® XPD® product line provides consistent IOPS for variable I/O patterns, world record-setting bandwidth, and the lowest available real world latency performance.

The Kove® XPD® technology just works, and when performance matters it just works better.