Use Cases

Flexibility for critical workloads

Use Cases

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Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Kove® External Memory enables on-demand, dynamic memory that accelerates artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities:

  • Pool Datasets — share datasets across memory pools larger than possible with physical servers
  • Reduce Bottlenecks — run any batch size, dataset size, preprocessing load, and model complexity
  • Improve System Utilization — reduce hardware waste and improve efficiencies, for better outcome
  • Create Adaptable Infrastructure — add memory dynamically to a node, set of nodes, or all nodes
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High-Performance Computing

Kove® External Memory delivers deterministically low latency and, in most cases, statistically matches CPU needs for local memory, allowing consistent CPU saturation. Because Kove® External Memory enables limitless memory sizing, any size computation can run completely in memory, benefiting a wide range of scenarios including:

  • Big Data, Analytics, Databases
  • Number Crunching
  • Genomics
  • Monte Carlo
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Virtualization Infrastructure

Kove® External Memory enables virtual machine deployments not possible with traditional servers:

  • Create any sized virtual machine, any time
  • Create a virtual machine with larger memory than the physical hypervisor, such as a 64 GiB RAM physical server (hypervisor) hosting a 512 GiB RAM virtual machine
  • Deploy more virtual machines than previously possible — no concerns for over-provisioning
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Enterprise and Cloud Providers

Kove® External Memory makes it easy to scale out infrastructure so administrators can quickly respond to any demand or workload. With Kove® External Memory, standard servers achieve superior results and memory scales linearly, dynamically growing capacity on-demand.

  • Reduce per-server costs
  • Run CPUs and GPUs more efficiently
  • Reduce operating costs, power, cooling, software, personnel, etc.
  • Achieve 50-80% ROI on hardware savings alone, excluding OpEx savings

Get Started

Kove provides a noninvasive toolkit that enables you to gain valuable insights into your memory and CPU utilization. Run the simple script for a week, two weeks, even a month to collect anonymous data. We will quickly provide you with a report evaluating your current memory and CPU utilization, and how you can specifically benefit from Kove.
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Kove Toolkit

  • Easy to install
  • Run for a week or more across your data center
  • Gain valuable insight into memory and CPU utilization