“The folks at Kove helped us throughout the entire product procurement and deployment processes, being available to answer any and all questions. We’re pleased with their ongoing service and support, and strongly recommend Kove to any organization.”

— Jerry Sims, Software Developer, AWAC

“Kove thoroughly supported us from pre-purchase through deployment, making certain we had answers to all our questions and that we were completely satisfied with the results. The entire team proved to be professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and dedicated to customer satisfaction.”

— James Taylor, Network Engineer, Bonded Builders

“We’re sold not only on the Kove technology but also the quality of the Kove team. We have a fantastic ongoing relationship with the Kove support team. They have followed up every one of our queries and comments with instant responses. The support was both outstanding and exceptional.”

— Katy Butterworth , Faculty Database Administrator, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland

“We employed the Kove® XPD to address an I/O bottleneck that caused poor response in metadata transactions. A response of over 4 hours was reduced to 7 minutes using the Kove® XPD, with similar performance seen from day one for all I/O requests to the system. I, and more importantly, my users, are thrilled with the amazing performance achieved. Outstanding!”

— Ramon Williamson, Storage Systems Engineer, Purdue University

“The Kove product dramatically increases overall customer satisfaction with our integrated solution. Further, Kove has demonstrated exceptional support. We rely on Kove as a fundamental business partner for all of our customer deployments.”

— Dave Wolz, Partner, SpecVet

“The Kove people have been a pleasure to work with – thorough, professional, smart, and dedicated to outcome.”

— Aaron Freimark, IT Director, Tekserve

“Server backups used to significantly inhibit our system performance and literally stop all user productivity. However, since installing our Kove solution we have zero backup-performance issues. Kove simply made the problem go away just by installing their hardware.”

— Jerry Sims, Software Developer, AWAC

“The Kove platform solved our problem of maintaining a regular hot-backup schedule of our company’s mission-critical server. If you need a solution to the problem of how to eliminate I/O and backup performance bottlenecks of your mission-critical applications during your production day without impacting your users, the Kove product line presents a perfect solution.”

— David Ness, Database Systems Administrator, Bonded Builders

“The support we have received from Kove has been both outstanding and exceptional. It’s clear the company is dedicated to providing a fantastic customer experience.”

— Rob Martindale, IT Manager, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland

“We were blown away by the speed of the Kove appliance. When we first installed the system, our engineers gathered around in the lab and marveled at the performance.”

— Sean Oseran, Owner, K-Tech Consulting, LLC

“We ported the Kove platform to a new operating system. Kove engineers were able to gather requirements for the new OS and provide firmware updates all remotely, in one day, without my having to do a thing. The stuff just works, and I never have to worry about it. If there were more companies like Kove my job would be a lot easier.”

— Ramon Williamson, Storage Systems Engineer, Purdue University

“Kove is one of our top-tier business partners. We depend on them to get things done for us and are pleased to know that our central database runs on their equipment. I’d recommend Kove products to anyone.”

— Bob Bowers, CEO, Soliant Consulting

“The Kove platform serves our mission-critical application with excellence. Our business operations depend on Kove.”

— Preston Oellerich, Director of Information Technology, AWAC

“Our Kove product runs reliably, and the company takes customer support seriously. They have a ‘do what it takes’ attitude, and the results speak for themselves. We are pleased to know that our mission critical database runs on Kove gear.”

— Roger Lange , Chief Operating Officer, Bonded Builders

“We realized 5 staff positions worth of productivity gains because of the performance increase achieved after installing our Kove system.”

— Rob Martindale, IT Manager, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland

“My mission-critical business depends on the superior performance and availability that the Kove platform provides. We can’t reliably serve our customers without it, and Kove enables us to do things we couldn’t otherwise. It just works.”

— Dana Thornton, Partner, Global Database Marketing

“Kove’s technical support quality is unsurpassed. They are there any time we need them, helping us through each step of our deployment and continued usage. They even help solve problems that aren’t directly related to their product. We love those guys.”

— Brian Engert, Application Developer, Soliant Consulting

“We like to standardize all of our customer installations on the Kove platform. They provide capability available in no other product on the market.”

— Dr. John Beltz, Partner, SpecVet

“We realized $400,000 per year in staff-productivity gains due to our server’s backup performance increase enabled by our Kove solution.”

— Preston Oellerich, Director of Information Technology, AWAC

“Our Kove-based system liberated our users from painful delays and has proven to be both reliable and fast.”

— Anne Buzeika, Manager of Information and Planning, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland

“Kove delivered on what they said they would provide. We experienced significant performance gains and excellent support throughout the process.”

— Greg Veldman, Storage Administrator, Purdue University

“Prior to installing the Kove appliance, our users experienced numerous server interruptions, about every hour. Since then we’ve had zero interruptions. None. The Kove product made all the difference in the world.”

— Goran Donev, IT Director, Soliant Consulting

“Of all the money we have spent on IT improvements the one our staff mentioned and appreciated the most was the Kove product.”

— Dr. John Beltz, Partner, SpecVet

“We are one of the largest Apple resellers in the world. Before Kove, our staff used to complain hourly about server performance. Since we installed the Kove® XPD, we not only received fewer complaints – we received no complaints. Our performance problems simply disappeared.”

— Aaron Freimark, IT Director, Tekserve

“The Kove system is screaming fast. It just rocks. I didn’t think I/O could go that fast.”

— Marcus Silving, CEO, WorqSmart

“Kove’s support, while on the other side of the world, is as good as or better than support we receive from many of our local vendors.”

— Anne Buzeika, Manager of Information and Planning, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland