Kove External Memory

Quickly turn commodity servers into a single software-defined memory pool

What is Kove® External Memory?

Kove® External Memory revolutionizes how developers, administrators, and data centers think about memory by breaking down the physical barriers of traditional server hardware and decoupling memory from the server. The result? A massively scalable, provisionable memory resource just as fast as local memory. Kove® External Memory is easy to configure, requires no application code changes, and utilizes cost-effective commodity servers.

Like a Storage Area Network that provisions storage using policies, Kove® External Memory delivers a RAM Area Network that similarly provisions memory using policies. Both provide comparable advantages, deploying a global resource exactly where, when, and how needed on-demand.

To create a Kove® External Memory instance, simply install Kove® EMX software which includes the following three components:

  1. Management Console — Administers the Memory Pool
  2. Host System Software — Connects applications to the Memory Pool
  3. Memory Target Software — Converts commodity servers into a Memory Pool
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How to Deploy?

Kove® External Memory makes it easy to turn commodity servers into a software-defined memory pool. Applications access and use the memory pool as they would traditional server memory, no code changes required. Just add more servers and the memory pool scales linearly, without performance degradation.

kove memory pool diagram

Memory Pool

Quickly create a memory pool by installing Kove® EMX software on one or more servers to transform stranded memory into an aggregate resource. Easily add servers to the pool in minutes using the Management Console.

Management Console

Kove® EMX software includes a virtual machine image for the Management Console which supports high availability. Easily use the Management Console to add commodity servers to the memory pool and create flexible provisioning rules.

kove application integration diagram

Application Integration

Kove® EMX software easily installs on host systems, allowing applications using traditional memory or storage access methods to use the memory pool without any code changes. For maximum performance, applications may also use Kove’s APIs which bypass the kernel altogether. Of course, virtualization platforms seamlessly integrate with the memory pool, enabling massive flexibility and scale.

Media Selection

Kove® External Memory uses RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) and is compatible with any technology supporting byte-level DMA access, such as Optane, 3D XPoint, etc. Any such memory technology benefits from Kove® External Memory and media selection remains a customer decision.

Fabric Considerations

Ethernet use remains the same, with or without Kove present. On the backplane, Kove® External Memory works transparently on fabrics such as InfiniBand and requires no special modifications of any sort. Omni-Path, Photonics, GenZ, and other memory-caliber interconnects will be supported as they become available.

Get Started

Kove provides a noninvasive toolkit that enables you to gain valuable insights into your memory and CPU utilization. Run the simple script for a week, two weeks, even a month to collect anonymous data. We will quickly provide you with a report evaluating your current memory and CPU utilization, and how you can specifically benefit from Kove.
computer screen with charts and graphs

Kove Toolkit

  • Easy to install
  • Run for a week or more across your data center
  • Gain valuable insight into memory and CPU utilization