About Us

Differentiation through old fashioned values and Customer appreciation

Mission Statement

Kove has patiently built a 21st century technology company with 19th century work ethic, solving a problem that others have not been able to solve after decades and billions of dollars.


The Kove culture is built on old fashioned values. We appreciate and listen to our customers, build and believe in relationships of trust, and think service, humility, and integrity matter to the short and long-term bottom line.

Kove emphasizes teamwork beyond virtuoso achievement, even though our team members and advisors have strong backgrounds from Intel, Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, HPE, Data Domain, Seagate, Quantum, NASA, major government agencies and laboratories, and hold awards such as R&D 100s and the Gordon Bell in Supercomputing.

We use a “systems” approach to technology, recognizing that intellect and experience should never be privileged above actual output. We tell the truth about our products. They work as advertised, and do not require disclaimers and fine-print qualifications about usability, durability, consistency, and performance.

Corporate Headquarters

Kove’s headquarters are in downtown Chicago.

14 N Peoria – 2H
Chicago IL 60607