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Kove IO, Inc. filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS). The lawsuit challenges foundational aspects of AWS's cloud-based products and services, including how data is efficiently and scalably stored and retrieved.

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The value is in your data
The challenge is how long it takes to access that data

Kove software-defined memory delivers a provisionable resource right where it is needed — close to the core, improving performance and reducing cost.

Transform your data pipeline. Get more from less with Kove.

Memory is close to the core. Use it.

Reduce latency by 1000x

Even the latest server, switch, or storage array can't deliver the low latency demanded by exponential data growth. Kove puts your data in memory, right next to the core.

Increase workload 20x

A single server with Kove and Red Hat® Virtualization, OpenShift, OpenStack, or bare metal can process the workload of 20 servers with competing solutions.

Reduce TCO by $50m

Memory and CPU cost 70% yet servers achieve 20-30% utilization. Provisionable memory unlocks CPU potential, giving you the same results with less infrastructure.

Bandwidth is not the problem

Latency is

The impact of latency

map locator symbol on cpu

Data Locality is the key to performance

The closer data is to the CPU core, the faster it can process data.

Kove External Memory allows the CPU access to unlimited memory right below the CPU cache. The result? Any data set can live in memory, close to the core, reducing processing time.

The CPU lives in the nanosecond

Admiral Grace Hopper stressed the importance of latency by relating it to distance.

Imagine driving a few blocks for groceries with Kove instead of New York City to Chicago, with storage. This is the Kove difference.


Massive data growth is the challenge

Software-defined technologies are the solution

plug and data connections

The data center is the new compute

Exponential data growth demands a smarter approach than buying more hardware.

Kove provides the last missing piece of the software-defined stack, with a massively scalable, provisionable memory resource that meets the demands of any data center.

This is Maximization

Virtualization and Containerization evolved the data center, providing efficient application and services delivery.

Together with Red Hat, Kove delivers the next evolution with Maximization, a solution that scales existing bare metal, virtualized, and containerized environments to even greater heights.

virtualization and containerization diagram

Utilization drives TCO

laptop showing analytics

What do you use? How much could you save?

Try Kove’s Toolkit to gain a better understanding of your environment.

The Kove Toolkit enables you to examine memory and CPU utilization across the data center, giving you the business intelligence you need to make critical IT decisions.

Flexibility + Scale on demand

Free yourself from limited server memory and overcommitted resources.

Scale memory on demand to your applications, virtual machines, containers, or clusters with Kove to meet the demands of any user, workload, or IO pattern.

cpu scaling

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